Wow. Getting a lot of feedback on the chip chart. You guys definitely liked that little idea. We may have to branch out to chipsets (something like this) and other things once we get the graphics one where we want it to be.

One thing I'm hearing a lot of is: "Your charts are off by 10MHz on X card's memory clock." I've even gotten screenshots from folks to prove that their cards are clocked differently. However, I have yet to get such a message from, say, an ATI owner about an ATI-made card. I am hearing from owners of ATI- and NVIDIA-based cards from third-party manufacturers. The truth is, card makers like to deviate from spec now and then in order to differentiate their cards from the pack. It is entirely possible we've messed up some of the clock speeds on the chart, but I confirmed some of the numbers myself; they are not wrong. Out there in the wide world, you may well encounter a graphics card that isn't running at the chip maker's recommended clock speed. Caveat emptor.

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