1. eWeek reports that Sun delivers Solaris 9 x86 Platform Edition
  2. Dell bids a farewell to floppy disk drives (thanks Xavier Lafleur-Lambert)
  3. Bad capacitors on MBs? (thanks George Zagatta)
  4. Sudhian Media on why going duallies now is better than ever
  5. modtown reviews MobiMB mobile media browser
  6. OCAddiction reviews Athlon XP 2600+
  7. Viper's Lair reviews Chaintech Zenith 9EJS1 i845PE
  8. AthlonXP reviews ASUS A7N8X Deluxe

  1. X-bit labs considers today's top graphics cards in 3ds Max 5
    and touts new 3ds max 5 rivalry: NVIDIA Quadro FX vs. ATI FireGL X1
  2. Overclocker Café reviews Chaintech GF4 Ti 4200 8X
  3. 3dGameMan reviews XFX Graphics GF4 Ti 4200 8X
  4. PCStats reviews MSI G4Ti4600-TD8X
  5. AthlonXP reviews Pinnacle Systems PCTV Deluxe video capture card
Multimedia and cooling

  1. LAN Addict reviews 120GB Seagate Barracuda V Serial ATA
  2. BiT-Tech on Prometeia part #2 - AMD
  3. ICEHardware reviews Noritake 800 Series graphic VFD
  4. X-bit labs' Tt HardCano HDD cooler family review part II
  5. M:6 Hardware reviews Sunbeam Tech round CCFL fan
  6. FrostyTech reviews Coolsonic CS1672A copper skive heatsink
  7. GruntvillE reviews Cooler Master HHC-001 heatpipe
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