How not to launch a DOS attack

Well, it looks like the noose is tightening on the people responsible for the distributed denial of service attacks launched against a number of big sites last week. Although I'm no fan of DOS attacks, at some level you have to hand it to the guys for managing to stay hidden this long with the FBI after their butts.

Contrast that with this story from the Washington Post. Apparently a guy got upset for getting fined by the Virginia DMV (the implied reason is for not having any insurance). He decided to teach them a lesson by hitting their web site with a denial of service attack. Yeah, that'll show 'em. So how did he accomplish this? He went home and fired up the denial of service software . . . on his home machine.

Perhaps I'm underestimating the ease with which one can find DOS programs on the Internet, but I would've thought that anybody who knew enough to find one of these things would be smart enough not to run it from their own PC. It's kind of like dialing up 911 from your house, yelling expletives at the operator, then wondering how the cops found you when they show up at your door. It took them less than an hour to track him down.

So now this guy has gone from a presumably minor fine for not having any car insurance, to being charged with felony computer trespass. Good one, moron. Thanks to for pointing me to this one. I needed a good laugh.

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