Lost Circuits unlocks a processor in 5 seconds

This article over at Lost Circuits is a must read for anyone that's yet to unlock their Athlon's multiplier:
Several mods have been circulating on the web of how to unlock AMD processors. Most of the mods are confined to alterations of the CPU in form of shorting or reconnecting bridges. In most cases, these modifications require quasi surgical skills and yet, they won't work on some processors / systems. An alternative modification that has become fashionable is to short pins on the CPU. While this is straight-forward, this method still misses the point in that it is somewhat risky and difficult to implement. Based on laziness, our agenda has always been to use our brains instead and we came up with a simple modification that is absolutely risk-free and can be done in about 5 seconds.
Not since penciling T-Bird bridges has Athlon multiplier unlocking looked so easy. Kudos to Michael Schuette for thinking outside the CPU and coming up with a quick procedure anyone should be able to follow.
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