Toshiba preps $199 PocketPC

DigiTimes is reporting that Toshiba will introduce a sub-$200 PocketPC next month. A $199 PocketPC from Toshiba will undercut PocketPCs from Dell and HP, and also a large number of PalmOS-based devices.
The world’s fifth-largest PDA vendor has contracted Compal Electronics to produce the e350 Pocket PC, which will feature an Intel 300MHz PXA 250 processor, 64MB SDRAM and a semi-transmissive TFT LCD panel, according to sources.
I'd like to see some size, weight, and battery life stats for the device before passing judgement, but it looks like a promising low-end PocketPC. The 64MB of memory alone makes the device particularly attractive for playing MP3s, especially since 64MB PocketPCs are generally at least $300.

Currently, Dell's Axim X5 is the low-cost leader for PocketPCs. The X5's list price is $249, but can be had for less through one of Dell's frequent online sales. However, the X5 only features 32MB of memory.

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