AnandTech covers IDF keynote

AnandTech has an article covering the first day of Intel's Developer Forum that provides a peek at some new technologies Intel is currently kicking around. Particularly interesting are Intel's Marble Falls and Powersville desktop concept PCs, both of which feature a stretched desktop over two monitors.

Multimonitor setups have traditionally been confined to power users and desktop real estate junkies, but it looks like Intel may be trying to push the benefits of a second monitor to mainstream users. If a user has twice the screen real estate to play with, they may be enticed to run more programs at once, and that's where a faster processor or even Hyper-Threading should come in handy.

Is Intel pushing multimonitor setups just to drive processor sales? Probably not, but I'm guessing that future integrated graphics chipsets will need to support at least two monitors to remain competitive, especially for business users. After all, NVIDIA's nForce2 integrated graphics already supports two monitors, and VIA's upcoming Castle Rock II integrated graphics core's "DuoView" feature could point to multimonitor support.

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