Lindows gets into laptops

Though they won't be selling it at Wal Mart, Lindows has launched a lightweight laptop based on VIA's 933MHz C3 processor. The laptop features a 12.1" XGA screen, 256MB of RAM, a 20GB hard drive, USB, Firewire, Compact Flash, weighs less than three pounds, and will sell for only $799.

$799 isn't exactly a bargain basement price when it comes to laptops in general, but the Lindows Mobile PC does weigh less than half as much as similarly-priced laptops. Looking at the prices and specs of laptops that can compete with the Mobile PC's 2.9lb weight, the Lindows-equipped laptop looks like a pretty good deal for those looking for a lightweight Linux platform.

It's doubtful that the same people purchasing Wal Mart's $200 Lindows-powered PCs will want to spend four times as much to upgrade to a laptop, but Lindows' Mobile PC does look like a good fit for business users and even students that don't want to lug around a heavy budget laptop.

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