Ars explains Moore's Law

In their latest PYAITK article, Ars Technica has tackled Moore's Law and broken down its orgins, effects, and potential future. Heck, I even learned something new in the first paragraph.
In April of 1965, Electronics magazine published an article by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore. The article and the predictions that it made have since become the stuff of legend, and like most legends it has gone through a number of changes in the telling and retelling. The press seized on the article's argument that semiconductor technology would usher in a new era of electronic integration, and they distilled it into a maxim that has taken on multiple forms over the years. Regardless of the form that the maxim takes, though, it is always given the same name: Moore's Law.
There's much more to Moore's Law than just the doubling of transistor density roughly every 12 months; you'll probably want to set aside some time to read this one all the way through.
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