Intel to keep Centrino brand exclusive

According to this article over at The Inquirer, Intel won't be letting third party chipset manufacturers use the Centrino brand name if they build chipsets for the new Pentium M processor.
Third party manufacturers that produce a chipset for the Pentium M will have to come up with their own brand names. Intel has told us before that it considers Centrino to be a combination of technology - a low power, high performance processor combined with a Wi-Fi enabled chipset. Now the picture is becoming clear that the company means an Intel processor and an Intel chipset.
Rather than attacking third party manufacturers by denying them access to the licenses needed to build Pentium M chipsets, Intel will simply keep the Centrino name to itself. If Intel is planning on a Centrino marketing blitz that aims to brand notebooks based on their platform rather than processor, third party chipset manufacturers could have a rough time competing.
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