Rambus refuses to die, still

The Inquirer is reporting that Asus will be building motherboards based on SiS' upcoming R659 chipset, which supports 1200MHz RDRAM. The R659 apparently won't be available until the third quarter of this year, but some impressive performance claims are already being made:
Boards made using the chipset will support up to 16GB of memory and the firms claim will give a 50 per cent boost over comparable DDR chipsets, although no detailed figures are yet available.
Of course, the 50% boost likely refers to peak theoretical memory bandwidth rather than real world performance. Dual channel DDR400 should be capable of delivering 6.4GB/s of memory bandwidth compared to 1200MHz RDRAM's 9.6GB/s, but a 3.2GB/s advantage in raw theoretical memory bandwidth doesn't guarantee that the R959 will outperform even Intel Canterwood chipset in real world applications.

The R659's potential performance and bandwidth boost aside, I'm still amazed that at least one chipset and one motherboard manufacturer continue to support RDRAM.

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