NVIDIA working on SMP-capable nForce FX?

The HardOCP has scooped an interesting picture of what could be a dual processor Socket A motherboard based on an "nForce FX" chipset. It seems a little far-fetched that NVIDIA would come out with a dual processor Socket A chipset, but perhaps they've been reading my column.

Though NVIDIA may be the least likely candidate to develop a dual processor chipset, it could be their answer to AMD's revamped Hammer schedule. Opterons will be available shortly, but they're looking a little too expensive for all but high-end applications. With Athlon 64s delayed until September, there's definitely life left in the relatively inexpensive dual Athlon platform, especially when Barton's extra cache migrates to the Athlon MP.

Is this mystery nForce FX board legit? I certainly hope so, but a nervous twitch is telling me it's too good to be true.

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