1. New DNA computer functions sans fuel (thanks JT)
  2. K-Hardware's swan song—Radeon: a piece of history (in German)
  3. Digital Insanity's 'worst of the web' rant
  4. Sudhian Media asks, "What drives your upgrade?"
  5. PC Mechanic reviews Goldwave sound editor
  6. Monster-Hardware updates top ten shareware / freeware apps / utilities page
  7. Envy News has 20GB EasyHardDisk USB 2.0 drive giveaway

  1. OCAddiction reviews ABIT AT7-MAX2
  2. HotHardware reviews ABIT BG7E
  3. LostCircuits reviews ABIT NF7-S
  4. Maximum3D reviews Albatron PX845PE Pro II
  5. TweakTown reviews Gigabyte SINXP1394
  6. Rojak Pot's BIOS optimization guide revision 7.3
Multimedia, cases, and modding

  1. TechSpot reviews PURE Digital SonicXplosion DVD
  2. VN Roundup reviews 64MB Simpletech Bonzai USB mini-drive
  3. Voided Warranty reviews Gyration Ultra cordless optical mouse
  4. OCIA reviews PC Toys Mouse MAXX yellow flame mouse pad
  5. Designtechnica reviews Sony Ericsson T68i GSM / GPRS phone
  6. GamePC reviews Antec LANBOY
  7. OCIA reviews silver X-Window diamond-bubble 5 LED case
  8. ExtremeMHz reviews Matrix Orbital MX212 LCD-USB display
  9. MonkeyReview reviews Sunbeam laser LED
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