Albatron announces GeForce FX5800, no Ultra

Albatron sent over a press release this morning to formally announce their Gigi GeForce FX5800, samples of which will be available on March 20th. What's interesting about the press release is that it makes no mention that Albatron will be offering an Ultra version of the card. Albatron isn't one of NVIDIA's top-tier partners, and looks like there won't be enough GeForce FX5800 Ultras to trickle down to a smaller partner like Albatron.

If NVIDIA is providing its partners with full cards rather than bare chips for the GeForce FX5800, Albatron doesn't have to do much more than add its own bundle. Adding a bundle shouldn't take much time at all, which suggests that a lack of cards from NVIDIA is the reason for the late sample date. NVIDIA may be late with the GeForce FX5800s, or first-tier partners may be snapping up all the available samples. Either way, it doesn't look good for NVIDIA's smaller partners.

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