Get your SSM for AMD SMP ASAP

Reader Len Bourgeios pointed this item out to me. Back in July, a little company named HotRail hooked up with AMD to work on an Athlon chipset with support for symmetric multiprocessing. If this partnership pays off, Athlon SMP could be a seriously powerful solution for high-end servers. HotRail's press release describes their technology thus:

HotRail’s new point-to-point switched fabric architecture - called Simultaneous Switched Matrix™ (SSM) - is a modular and scalable architecture that has an integrated, cache-coherent switched fabric at its core and will deliver breakthrough performance to x86-based servers. Essential to HotRail’s SSM™ switched fabric architecture are multiple, high-speed point-to-point channels, each operating at 3.2 Gigabytes/second.

If Hotrail keeps its timetable, a product should be available by early next year for four- and eight-way servers.

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