Intel goes deep with Prescott

TR reader Perezoso tipped us off on an interesting document detailing Intel's upcoming Prescott processor that has made its way onto the web. The document was briefly available on Intel's web site, but it's since been pulled. Thankfully, has preserved the document in all its glory. What tasty nuggets of information does the document reveal? How about Prescott's key features:
  • Support for Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology
  • Prescott New Instructions support
  • Deeper pipelining to enable higher frequency
  • A High-speed System Bus
While some of the above information isn't new, the leaked document does explain Prescott's new instructions in detail, with pretty diagrams and everything. The revelation that Prescott will have a deeper pipeline to enable higher frequencies is also new.

Making the Pentium 4's already deep pipeline even deeper should help Intel win over consumers with astronomical clock speeds, but a deeper pipeline will also carry greater branch prediction penalties. Larger caches, a faster system bus and a new branch prediction unit could help Prescott's IPC, but it will likely be months before we know for sure.

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