Prescott to use new socket

According to this story over at The Inquirer, Intel will be introducing a new socket design for its upcoming Prescott Pentium 4 processor:
PRESCOTT AND TEJAS microprocessors next year will use LGA 775 pinouts, with samples of CPU and chipsets available in the second half of 2003, for launch in the first half of 2004, as we revealed earlier today.

The name of this new pin design is Socket T, and during the second quarter of this year Intel will introduce thermal mechanical samples, and tools for the product. Samples of the chips themselves will start surfacing in the third quarter of this year.

There goes the Pentium 4's upgrade path, but the processor never really had much of one to lose.

Though Prescott will require a new socket, what's been revealed about the processor suggests that the change will be worth it. Extra instructions, a faster front side bus, and 1MB of L2 cache should give Prescott better clock-for-clock performance than current Northwood Pentium 4s, but the real kicker may be how well Prescott's deeper pipeline enables higher clock speeds.

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