Microsoft readies price cuts

It looks like Microsoft will be slashing is software prices in Taiwan in response to charges that its prices were artificially high and that it was forcing consumers to purchase bundled software suites rather than individual titles.

While Microsoft's pricing in Taiwan won't matter much for North America, there is word that a new program will cut prices closer to home:

In a related development, Microsoft also announced that it is launching a new Consumer and Academic Software Program on March 15 that will make the company's software even more affordable to consumers, educators, and students. The price of Windows XP Professional, for example, will fall 54.5 percent under the new program.
Unfortunately, the article doesn't have specific information on any other price cuts or whether the Windows XP Pro price cut refers to the upgrade or full version of the operating system. Still, it's encouraging to see Microsoft drop prices for consumers, though it looks like business users won't be included in this new program.
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