Lost Circuits examines Athlon XP "3200+"

Lost Circuits is has peered into its crystal ball to get an idea of how an Athlon XP "3200+" might perform. Speculating that the next Athlon XP will use a 400MHz front size bus and run at 2.20GHz, Michael Schuette has busted out his overclocking skills to see what kind of performance can be had from a faster system bus.
Only a few months ago, AMD's move to the 333 MHz FSB gave a second wind to the performance of the Athlon platform by increasing the bandwidth of the CPU interface and thereby enabling the use of high-speed DDR memory in synchronous mode. Time is not standing still though and by now, the preliminary ratification of the DDR400 standard by JEDEC has opened up yet another next step towards higher data bandwidth on the memory bus. Once again, this only underscores the bottleneck in the CPU bus interface. In other words, if the total bandwidth is limited to 2700 MB/sec, what good does it to use a dual channel memory interface with a combined bandwidth of 6.4 GB/sec.
With a faster system bus, it looks like the Athlon XP still has some fight left in it, but I have to wonder if any enthusiast would buy into a flagship 32-bit processor with Hammer just over the horizon.
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