Security experts top IT payroll

The News Factor Network has an interesting article up on the best-paying IT jobs which puts security experts at the top of the payroll. Networking and certified professionals also do well, but high-paying positions aren't without their drawbacks:
On the other hand, higher salaries are not without drawbacks. One major trade-off is that they can mean added pressure and responsibility to ensure the integrity of a company's networks. Fortier said networking professionals are more likely than other workers to find themselves carrying a beeper or cell phone at all times.

"They need to be in the middle of the action in case of network failure [and need] to be on top of that," he noted. "There [is] added pressure because the accountability will lead right to that person if there's ever a failure in that system."

In fact, Challenger said, many enterprises have a tendency to shoot the messenger whenever something goes wrong in IT -- and this is a big problem.

Of course, money isn't everything, but it does have the power to finance a fetish for high-end PC hardware.
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