This is killing me. My kids keep bringing various viruses and bacteria into the house, incubating them, then passing them off to me. I've been sick nearly uninterrupted since mid-December. Right now, I'm entering my second round of antibiotics (the strong stuff this time) for a sinus/ear infection that's held on through some pretty hefty doses of a common antibiotic. I swear, I used to be the one in the family who didn't get sick, but once I succumbed, I haven't been able to crawl out from under the weather.

On a more positive note, Damage Labs has been churning away testing various sorts of new hardware, and the next week or so should be a lot of fun. I have more test data than I have time to write about, but we should have some enlightening new articles out in the coming days.

Sander is supposed to be working on that new comments system we previewed for you, but I think he's really just carving himself a new pair of wooden shoes or something. When he's done, we'll give the system another shot with the bug fixes in place.

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