VIA inks licensing deal with Sensaura

VIA has announced a licensing deal that will bring Sensaura's 3D audio technology to VIA's audio product line. Here's a snip from the press release:
As games integrate higher levels of audio performance, Sensaura with its award winning technology adds advanced sound positioning for a complete 3D audio experience. In combination with VIA's acclaimed AC'97 Codecs and Envy line of Audio Controllers, Sensaura's comprehensive audio technology can maximize a gamer's immersive environment for the greatest realism possible.
More robust 3D audio support will only make VIA's Envy line of 24-bit audio chips more attractive for gamers, even if titles with really exceptional in-game audio seem few and far between.

Those familiar with VIA's Envy audio chips may know that the chips already have Sensaura support, so it's unclear which audio technologies are covered by the new licensing agreement. Let's hope that there's something new, exciting, and maybe even ground-breaking on the horizon that will help games sound as good as they now look.

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