2CPU compares E7505 Xeon motherboards

Ronald already covered this in the Shortbread, but 2CPU's E7505 dual-Xeon motherboard round-up deserves a little extra attention.
It's early in the game for the E7505 chipset and supply is still struggling to meet demand. Right now there are only four major players in this market segment and three of the four are represented here today [...] Even so, this round-up should give a very good cross section of the platform as a whole, and it will definitely give us some insight into each manufacturer's approach and how they differ from one another.
The boards covered are definitely targeted at high-end workstations, which might be a little too pricey for most enthusiasts. Still, as AMD's 760MPX chipset stagnates, the E7505 chipset could see action in decidedly more enthusiast-oriented products at lower price points.

Currently, Intel's Xeon processors are more expensive than AMD's Athlon MPs, but the price gap between the two narrows at lower speed grades. If Opterons are too expensive at launch and nothing replaces the aging 760MPX chipset, dual Xeons on mid-range E7505-based motherboards could become the platform of choice for SMP enthusiasts.

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