Pseudo broadcasting over Kazaa

As the RIAA and MPAA target Kazaa for facilitating rampant copyright violation, at least one media company is looking to exploit the P2P network to distribute its content., which started broadcasting original video content over the Internet six years ago, will be launching new content exclusively on Kazaa. C|Net reports:
Pseudo President Edward Salzano said Thursday that the show--a feature on hip-hop culture called "One Nation"--will be available exclusively to Kazaa's roughly 60 million registered users beginning in the next two weeks. People using Kazaa to trade video, audio and text files will be able to download a new episode of the hour-long show weekly and watch it anytime.

Free to Kazaa users, the show will be supported through advertising in the form of commercials and product placements, Salzano said., which is owned by New York-based INTV, has already signed on soft-drink maker Red Bull as a sponsor.

Hosted by rapper Ice-T, "One Nation" will focus on hip-hop culture could be a huge hit. According to my girlfriend, who teaches hip-hop dance, Ice-T will bring "no hateration to Kazaa, just madly krunked fresh jive," whatever that means.

If "One Nation" succeeds and Pseudo can attract enough advertisers to keep the free show economically viable, other media companies may be encouraged to look at providing free content over established P2P networks. While we may never see Fox releasing new Simpsons episodes on P2P networks, smaller networks and studios looking to reach larger audiences might be tempted.

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