AMD's processor market share up in 2002

AMD is proud to announce that they gained some market share in 2002:
SUNNYVALE, CA -- March 6, 2003 --AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that Gartner/Dataquest Worldwide Quarterly PC Statistics 4Q/02 show AMD processor-based desktop and mobile computers increased worldwide unit market share to 19 percent among buyers of Windows®-based PCs in 2002.
AMD's press release conveniently omits its market share for 2001, which according to this article over at DigiTimes, was 18%. In the end, it looks like AMD's market share for Windows-based PCs only went up 1%.

While a worldwide 1% increase in overall market share isn't that impressive, AMD is quoting larger market share increases for emerging markets like Latin America and the Asia/Pacific region, and also a doubling in market share for mobile processors. The fact that AMD's market share in emerging and mobile markets is increasing by more than 1% suggests that AMD's share of desktop chips, at least in North America and possibly Europe, is increasing by less than 1% or perhaps not even increasing at all.

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