BFG Tech on FX 5800 Ultra pre-order status

The folks at BFG Tech sent along this note clarifying the status of their GFFX pre-orders. If you ordered a card, you should be taken care of soon:
I'd like to clarify a few items for those people who have pre-ordered an Asylum GeForce FX 5800 Ultra from Best Buy.

First, if you ordered an Asylum 5800 Ultra, you will get an Ultra. Don't worry if your order status doesn't specify "Ultra". That's all we are shipping.

Second, there have been some rumors, but there has not been any kind of recall on this product. In fact, the drivers are only getting better, so keep checking our website for updated drivers for your Ultra.

We began shipping these cards to Best Buy on February 27, and will continue to do so until our orders from Best Buy on this product are fulfilled. Some of you already got your cards, the others will follow shortly.

The cards are coming to us in small batches due to the heavy chip allocation. So as a result, we are shipping these small groups to Best Buy as soon as we get them and it's taking a bit longer to get them all out than we had first estimated, but we hope to have all cards to Best Buy in order to fulfill the preorders within the next week or two (worst case).

Please keep in mind that it does take a few days for product leaving our facility in Illinois to get to the national distribution centers of Best Buy. From there the products are shipped to the individual stores, or to customers who ordered online at Best

Our EVP of Sales informed me this morning that we have two more "batches" of Ultras coming in. One today, and another later in the week. This will cover all of our preorders with Best Buy, so customers that are still waiting should see their card relatively soon.

Also, it appears that once Best Buy knows all of the Ultras are in the pipeline they will post an update on their .com site stating that the cards should be in stores for pickup by date X. So keep checking Best and the store from which you made the purchase over the next 7-10 days.

Thanks for your patience.

So that's the story.

Now, on an only slightly related note, TR is looking for a GeForce FX 5800 Ultra for review, and we have had horrid luck trying to get hold of one. If you happen to have pre-ordered one and received it, and you'd be willing to loan it to us for 1-2 weeks for review, mail me at I will give you mad, mad props on TR, and I will return the card to you plus a GeForce Ti 4200 card. I would be willing to forgo the Ti 4200 and provide you with ad space on TR, a GF2 MX-based NVIDIA Personal Cinema, or a couple of Pentium 4 motherboards. And we would all love you forever.

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