SiS confirms Athlon XP 400MHz front side bus?

A press release for SiS's new SiS748 core logic chipset seems to confirm that AMD's Athlon XP processors will me moving to a 400MHz front side bus:
TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Mar. 12, 2003 – Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic and graphics chipsets, today unveiled its latest AMD core logic chipset, the SiS748. SiS748, a top-of-the-line core logic chipset for the AMD™ K7 platform, is the first AMD™ chipset on the market to support front-side bus 400MHz.

The SiS748 is the first of its kind to support functions such as 400MHz front-side bus, highly effective DDR400, AGP8X interface, SiS MuTIOL® 1G and the advanced HyperStreamingTM technology. It is the only AMD™ platform chipset equipped with these top specifications in the current market.

While the press release claims that the SiS 748 has exclusive support for a 400MHz front side bus with DDR400, I can't imagine that they'll be the only ones officially supporting a faster Athlon XP front side bus for long. Of course, AMD has yet to officially confirm that future Athlon XP processors will use a 400MHz front side bus.

Lost Circuits has already shown that a 400MHz front side bus can give at least Barton-core Athlon XP processors a healthy performance boost, but I have to wonder how many enthusiasts will buy into a faster front side bus for high-end Athlon XPs with the Athlon64 edging closer.

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