AMD moves to new PR scheme for Opteron

AMD will be using a new PR scheme for its upcoming Opteron processors that classifies systems based on the number and relative speed of processors in a system.
The new Opteron lines will include the 100 Series, for single-processor machines; the 200 Series, for dual-processor systems; and the 800 Series, for computers using up to eight processors. The individual chips will start their numbering at 40, so under the new nomenclature there would be a model 140, a model 240 and a model 840. As chip speed increases, so would the model number--a model 142, for instance, would be faster than a model 140, and a model 144 would be faster still.

The model numbers are likely to increase by two each time a new chip comes out. The Opteron 100 series would start at 140, for example, and then move to 142 with the introduction of a new chip.

"We didn't want to start at 10, 20 or 30, because if you started at those numbers, it could be confused with frequency," a company representative said. "A (model ending in) 24, for example, could be misinterpreted as a 2.4GHz."

It's important to note that, at least for now, this new model number scheme applies only to AMD's Opteron processors and systems based on those chips. Apparently, it's what AMD's server partners and customer want, which is hard to argue with. Still, the model numbers leave AMD plenty of room to keep clock speeds out of the limelight.
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