DirectX 10 years away?

There's an interesting article over at Gamespot that outlines some of Microsoft's plans for PC gaming, the most interesting of which is a statement by the head of Microsoft's Windows Graphics and Gaming division that a new version of DirectX won't be available for a while:
Before saying too much about where Microsoft is going, it's important to know where the platform stands. We've seen major releases of DirectX nearly every year since the standard debuted in the early days of Windows 95. Lester revealed that DirectX 9 packs enough features to be future-proof and is a temporary stopping place for DX development. ATI, Nvidia, and other hardware companies have spelled out their road maps in enough detail that DX9 has previously unannounced support for all the next-generation graphics features, and as a result Microsoft doesn't expect to release another major DirectX update for a couple of years.
Microsoft recently pulled out of the OpenGL ARB, which caused some to speculate that Microsoft would be pushing forward with graphics development under DirectX. Now, it doesn't look like Microsoft has a desire to push any graphics standards forward, at least for the next few graphics card product cycles.

So, who can pick apart DirectX 9 to figure out what all these unannounced features are for ATI and NVIDIA's future graphics cards?

Thanks to Slashdot for the tip on this one.

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