Sun says no to Opteron

Though some have speculated that Sun may try to stick it to Intel by using AMD's upcoming 64-bit Opteron processors, Sun has no plans to use the Opteron. Ace's Hardware has the scoop from CeBit:
I met at CEBIT with Brian Healy, Nathalie Nann and Joachim Steffen from SUN and they were able to confirm to me that SUN has no Opteron plans at all. The strategy of SUN is to offer datacenters a total solution: low cost x86 blade servers run the applications that are the most cost effective with 32 bit work while the 64 bit UltraSPARC processors find a home in the big fat 64 bit servers.
Sun will be offering x86 blade servers featuring AMD's new Athlon XP-M processors and will also be coming out with Intel-based blades this year. For those needing an extra 32 bits, Sun has its 64-bit Ultra Sparc platform to push.
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