Now you can mouth off even better!

In case you haven't noticed, we've cut over to our new news comments system for real now. Thanks to all of you who participated in the tests. This new system should be a nice upgrade, and I think most folks will like it once they get adjusted to it.

Do me a favor and take a second to read through the points below. They're a collection of important bits of info you'll need to know to understand the new system and where things are headed. Some of these points may be familiar, but some of them are new info.

  • You need a forum login and password to use this system. It does not use the old comment system's user database. If you don't have a forum login, go here to register. Sorry to jettison the old accounts, but this way we have only one user database.

  • There are a number of new features to the new system, so please look over the options. One of the most important improvements in the new system is threading, which will allow you to reply to a specific message simply by hitting the "Reply" link. Try it out.

  • This system is still a work in progress. If you notice problems, please post (or e-mail) about them with specific information, including the nature of the problem, your browser revision, and any error messsages you see.

  • We are working on a couple of enhancements that aren't ready yet, like post editing, the UBB/Lava BBS-style quote tags and the like from the old system, nested display mode, and maybe a Gerbil filter. Those features will show up when they're ready to go.

  • If you check the options, you'll see that this system has the ability to filter various types of posts marked by the moderator, including on-topic posts, interesting/informative stuff, tangents, stupid posts, and non-work-safe posts. We will be ramping up the moderation as we move forward, so set those options now if you want to avoid certain types of material... like stupid stuff. :)

  • Don't complain if you haven't tried all the options. If you want this thing to look like the old comments system, it's not hard to choose that option. You're also missing out on some cool features, like dthread mode and filtering, if you don't fart around with the settings a little.

  • If you participated in testing the new system, you may need to click here and reload your browser to clear some potentially troublesome cookies. If that doesn't work, you may need to click here and restart your browser, as well.

  • Everybody who signs up for an account now has to agree to a basic set of rules, which is new, but that stuff is boilerplate. I'm considering drawing up a new set of rules to help everybody understand what will earn a nuking. It'll be fun, like the U.N. Security Council, only France has no veto. However, we want to strike the right balance with any set of rules, so I expect it will take some time to formulate things. The last thing we want to do is stifle the good things about free-wheeling debates around here, which are in some ways pretty unique. We'll see how it shakes out.
I think that's about it. We'll entertain questions in the comments.
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