Apple phases out original iMac

C|Net is reporting that Apple will no longer sell its original iMac to the public. Apparently, the machine is still available to schools through Apple's education store, but the rest of Apple's customers will have to be content with the 17" eMac and full line of LCD-equipped iLamps.

Though PC enthusiasts found plenty of ways to take shots at the original iMac, the machine captured the attention of hordes of mainstream consumers. The original iMac was no performance leader, but it was cute and non-threatening enough to entice those more intimidated by desktop PCs. The iMac's case was colorful, too. Unfortunately, Apple's latest creations have shied away from color in favor of an almost clerical white aesthetic.

RIP, original iMac. Those of us that won't miss hanging out with you will at least miss teasing you.

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