NVIDIA: No new integrated graphics for 12 months

Ace's Hardware has some interesting details on future NVIDIA's products straight from a discussion with the nForce project manager at CeBit. Here's the scoop:
  • Do not expect any refresh of the nForce2 or Crush K8 chipset this year. "nForce3" would include FX5200 graphics, but would not be available for at least 12 months.

  • Incorporating a GF4 Ti engine was almost impossible, because it was too big to be economically feasable. Socketed GPU's on the motherboard where also a nice idea, but impossible due to space constraints, trace lenghts for the memory, and fact MB's usually only have 4 layers, as opposed to the 12(?) layers an FX Ultra requires.

  • Expect 120+W (!) GPUs to appear in the near future. Though nVidia was actively researching SOI and Germanium oxide (?) to reduce power requirements, he didnt expect it any time soon, saying the graphics market changes too fast to warrant that sort of investments for now. So nVidia was concentrating on cooling solution to be able to use that sort of power-hogs.
That an nForce chipset with GeForce FX graphics won't be introduced for at least a year suggests that the rumored "nForce FX" dual Socket A chipset is likely more fiction than fact. The lack of a replacement for NVIDIA's current DirectX 7-class integrated graphics core will also make nForce 2 and Crush K8 vulnerable to challenges from ATI, SiS, and even VIA.

As for those 120+W GPUs, well, I shudder to think what kind of cooling contraptions NVIDIA will have to engineer to keep them cool.

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