Al Gore joins Apple's board of directors

I don't know what to say about this without getting myself into trouble, except that it looks like a fit to me. Al Gore will be joining Steve Jobs and the gang on Apple's board.

The announcement, however, did not come without controversy. From the report:

In February 2000, then-presidential candidate Gore was asked whether he used a PC or Mac. Gore responded that it was kind of a high-tech "boxers or briefs" question, before indicating that he had switched to a PC.

According to an Associated Press article, Gore said he stuck by Apple until "finally, the delay in the availability of the new high-tech applications software got to be so long that I finally switched over."

At the same time, he noted, "You know, Apple seems to be coming back with the iMac, don't you think?"

An Apple representative would not say when Gore switched back to a Mac.

Surely by now Mr. Gore has rejoined the ranks of the "differently megahertzed." Don't you think?
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