VIA to add Envy24 to EPIA-M platform?

TR reader MJS pointed me to this French web page that has pictures of an Envy24PT-equipped EPIA-M motherboard from VIA. The picture was taken at CeBit but no availability dates are given. If your French is a bit rusty, here's a Google translation:
Many users awaited the first chart Minis-ITX equipped with this component resulting from the repurchase from Envy by VIA. It makes it possible the company taiwanaise to propose an impressive audio solution compared with the size of the animal. It was necessary to eliminate FireWire but exchanges the chart of it can manage a sound 24 bits/96 Khz and format 7.1. VIA A in more equipped the mother chart with two optical connectors to satisfy all the needs.
It's still unclear whether all of the motherboard's output channels will be 24-bit/96kHz; hopefully the board's high-fidelity output won't be limited to its digital output ports.
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