Opteron server to ship with 32-bit OS

C|Net is running a story on Appro's newly-announced HyperBlade line of high-density Opteron server that reveals that 64-bit Linux might not be ready for primetime by Opteron's April launch date.
Appro's system, with 80 dual-Opteron computers in a single six-foot rack, will cost between $160,000 and $320,000, depending on configuration, the company said. The system will run 32-bit versions of Linux and a future 64-bit version tailored for the Opteron processor.
That Appro could offer its HyperBlades with a 32-bit operating system at all is alarming, especially since AMD has made it clear that it intends to push Opteron's 64-bitness heavily. It's enough to make me wonder just how far off a production-quality build of this "future 64-bit version" of Linux really is.
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