Futuremark questions NVIDIA driver optimizations

Since 3DMark03 was released, NVIDIA has expressed concerns about the validity of the benchmark, which we explored here. Now, it looks like Futuremark is the one expressing concerns; they've disabled 3DMark03 results submitted using several Detonator driver revisions due to concerns about their integrity:
FYI, we just decided to disable (at least for the time being) all current submitted results using the questionable drivers, Detonator 42.67, 42.68 and 42.69. This means that the current results are not deleted, but disbaled from being published. We encourage you to use only officially released, and/or WHQL'ed drivers, as results run with the above-mentioned driver versions will be disabled.

The reason for this is that the drivers have been officially stated as optimized for 3DMark03, and we can not verify the purity and integrity of the drivers. We are investigating the drivers and their effect on 3DMark03 - both performance and the rendering quality (ie. image quality).

The affected driver revisions aren't available to the general public, at least not from NVIDIA. Of course, NVIDIA's GeForce FX line isn't really available to the general public yet, either.

Thanks to TR reader Adrian for the tip.

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