Service to pay top gamers for fragging

Tired of fragging for only pride and bragging rights? Before long, you may be able to put money on your next Deathmatch. YouPlayGames has announced a service that will allow gamers to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein online for cash and prizes.

YourPlayGame's service is only open to gamers over the age of 18, but that limit could be a blessing in disguise. While many gamers are indeed under the age of 18, requiring that gamers be older may weed out 13-year old l33t h4x0rs that would otherwise cheat with aimbots or wall-hacks.

Since gamers will be playing for real money, it's imperative that YourPlayGames ensures a level playing field with no cheating. YourPlayGames will require that Return to Castle Wolfenstein players have the latest version of PunkBuster installed, but I have to wonder if that will be enough to keep the system exploit-free. With real money on the line, I can envision cheaters coming up with even more inventive ways to gain an unfair advantage.

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