Anand explores 800MHz front-side bus performance

The folks over at AnandTech have put together an interesting look at Intel's upcoming 800MHz front-side bus and what it might do for overall system performance. Intel's 800MHz front-side bus parts aren't due out for a little while, but Anand managed to get a mobile Pentium 4 1.7GHz stable enough on an 800MHz bus to run a few benchmarks. Check out this neat little hack:
Our 800MHz FSB tests were made possible by one of Intel's mobile Pentium 4 processors, the 1.7M processor. This CPU has a default multiplier of 12 (instead of 17) when installed in a desktop motherboard like the Gigabyte SINXP1394. In general, the lower the multiplier the higher the FSB overclock, and since 12 is by far the lowest Pentium 4 multiplier in existence, the 1.7M was the perfect CPU for our 800MHz FSB overclocking tests.
Anand's testing compares processors running at 2.4GHz on 533 and 800MHz front-side busses with dual-channel DDR333 and DDR400, and the results are certainly promising for Intel's upcoming processor platform.
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