We've been running with the new comments system for a while now, and I know there are still some bugs to squash and layout problems to clean up. I need some feedback so we know exactly what to address. If you have any complaints or peeves about the way it all works, please post 'em below.

I do have a few things on the list already for certain. For one, I'd like to see all the quote tag styles from the old system get brought into the new one. I know some of you guys are missing those. Also, there's a strange, intermittent problem where messages aren't visible for some folks—it sometimes happens to me in IE6. If you've noticed this problem, do us a favor and describe the exact set of options, browser revision, and OS revision you're using, and explain exactly what's happening.

I'm hopeful we can address the last group of problems and feel like we're done with the intial implementation of this thing soon. Then I'll bug Sander to put in new features, like an edit option.

In related news, I've recruited a handful of our forum moderators to help moderate the comments. Our intial goal is just to police for abusive stuff, but I expect they'll be tagging things as "stupid" or "off-topic" when they can. Soon, you may be able to turn on the "stupid" filter and never see a "first post!" again.

I should mention that we won't mark any posts or threads under one of my "Etc." dealies here as off-topic. If we're posting stuff about "boobies sliders" in the main story, I guess we can't very well expect rigorously on-topic stuff in the comments.

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