The FX review ain't done yet, but I am busily working away, taking sound level readings and the like. I'd really like to get a postage scale and weigh the FX card and its competitors. This thing has to weigh as much as four Radeons.

Incidentally, if you have any flavor of DirectX 9-class graphics card from ATI, you owe it to yourself to go check out the new Chimp demo ATI recently released. It's the single best thing I've ever seen rendered in real time on a PC.

Part of my time this weekend was spent doing something that, despite my geek credentials, I never thought I'd do in a million years: I attended a comic book convention. This is seriously not my scene. I swear, half the attendees were that one guy from the Simpsons. Eerie.

Anyhow, Andy and I ran out to the Overland Park Trade Center to go see the Penny Arcade guys. Andy printed out some of his favorite strips to get them signed. PA is great because they can absolutely nail a send-up of the gaming industry, or a strip will sometimes come out of nowhere and somehow be funny just because it did. I'd have bought a T-shirt, but nearly all the PA merchandise they had on sale would get me in trouble if I wore it around the house.

As for the rest of the show, well, you could buy an action figure for every character that ever got two minutes on broadcast TV, which I found vaguely disturbing. I think I'll stick to more comfortable geeky territories when I can.

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