3DWorkshop.net opens its doors

The 3DN guys have put together a promising new site that aims to help bring folks up to speed on the latest tech. Here's a snippet from the press release:
COLUMBIA, SC, Feb. 21 - 3DN.NET, INC. officially launched 3DWorkshop.net today, making it the latest addition to the 3DN.NET family of online publications. Continuing the network's dedication and commitment to the readers, 3DWorkshop.net targets a much wider audience than 'traditional' computer related online publications.

3DWorkshop.net appeals to more inexperienced readers with comprehensive articles such as Buyer's Guides, User's Guides and the Weekly Q&A. Product reviews are easy to grasp and more to the point. Furthermore, opinions from other websites are included for reference.

Go have a look for yourself at 3DWorkshop. Chubby's already got some articles online, including an introductory look at some very cool toys.
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