I have redoubled my efforts to maintain my lead in our Folding team's internal rat race. A bunch of you guys are coming on really, really strong in weekly production, especially the formidable Mstrmold. I dunno if I can hold to the top spot at this rate, but I'm gonna try.

If you aren't Folding for us already, please consider joining up. It's for a good cause, and we still need help to crush the Frenchies.

Incidentally, did you know you could buy a really cool Folding shirt in the TR store? I'm actually surprised we haven't sold more of these puppies.

So I bought a UPS last weekend to keep me from losing data when the power goes out. (It was a killer deal on an APC at Sam's Club: $118 for an APC Back-UPS Pro 1100VA.) A couple days later, the power blipped around here, and sure enough, my PC had no problem. However, my wife's PC reset itself, corrupting her Outlook Express inboxes in the process. Typical.

I was having serious difficulty recovering messages from the corrupted Outlook .dbx files until I ran across DBXtract, which saved the day. If you ever need to recoved some OE messages, I highly recommend this little life-saver.

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