Friday night topic: Best utilities?

I realized recently that I don't use very many utility programs, and that I don't tend to collect new ones. Not like I used to. I'm not sure whether than means I'm getting old and lazy or if it has more to do with Microsoft integrating everything into the OS. I still have some favorite or indispensible programs, like POPFile or Winzip, but nothing like the array of tools and utils I used to have.

I guess I was more about "power computing" before the Internet came and stole away my attention. Now I have a really big hard drive and nothing to organize it. Before, my system was tight, and keeping it up was a big part of the computing experience.

So, I ask you: what are your favorite utilities? What programs have changed the way you work, altered an OS interface in a key way, fixed something that's busted, or allowed you to do things you couldn't do before? Here's my list: Ghost, Partition Magic, POPFile, SecureCRT, and VNC.


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