Research predicts WinCE to surge ahead of PCs

The Register has a story on research conducted by eTForecasts suggesting that sales of Windows CE-based devices will pull ahead of PC sales by 2008. The research doesn't seem all that far-fetched, either; consumers are more likely to own multiple WinCE-based devices (cell phone, PDA, set top box, etc..) than only one PC.

Though it seems likely that sales of devices that could run Windows CE will rise, the article isn't so sure that all of those devices will use Microsoft's stripped-down operating system. Embedded versions of Linux are cheaper and easier to customize to meet device-specific needs, which could be more important for consumer electronics devices than the Windows brand.

Faced with competition from embedded Linux, the key to Windows CE's success may largely depend on how well WinCE-based devices can interface with each other and with Windows-based PCs. .NET, anyone?

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