EA and NVIDIA get together

EA and NVIDIA have teamed up to form a strategic alliance that will, among other things, give NVIDIA's partners exclusive rights to bundling EA's games with their graphics cards. The real meat of the announcement, however, is here:
Under terms outlined by their agreement, NVIDIA hardware will become the preferred PC graphics platform for EA’s worldwide studios to give its developers the best solution for realizing their creative visions. EA development teams will use PCs powered by NVIDIA GPUs to create eye-popping 3D effects while allowing full compatibility across all PC gaming systems featuring NVIDIA hardware. NVIDIA and EA will also discuss opportunities to implement NVIDIA-specific features and special effects in several upcoming EA titles such as Madden NFL Football 2004 and others for the PC platform.
Because you just know that developers are clamoring for Dustbusters.

But seriously, this new agreement does have the potential to make EA's games at least look prettier on NVIDIA's hardware, if not perform better as well. Will the potential for extra eye candy be enough to get gamers to swallow the GeForce FX?

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