VIA announces KM400 chipset

VIA has announced the KM400, a Socket A chipset targeted at mainstream consumers and corporate desktops:
Taipei, Taiwan, 10 April 2003 - VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the launch of the VIA UniChrome KM400 Chipset, a 4th generation integrated graphics chipset for the AMD Athlon™ XP Platform. Featuring the new S3 Graphics UniChrome™ 2D/3D engine with MPEG-2 acceleration and DuoView™ extended desktop support, the KM400 is designed to enable a variety of system configurations based on a single mainboard platform, giving OEMs and System Integrators the opportunity to attack a whole range of different market segments while minimising the cost of development and support.
The KM400 is compatible with two different south bridge chips, so motherboard manufacturers and system builders will be able to tweak the platform to appeal more to business or home users. Business users may even be interested in the integrated graphics core, whose DuoView technology supports multiple monitors.

Though the KM400 probably won't have enough performance for high-end enthusiast desktops, the chipset could potentially see a lot of action in small form factor systems and media-centric PCs. NVIDIA's nForce2 should be faster, especially with DIMMs feeding both memory channels, but the KM400 should be a cheaper chipset overall, even when paired with a south bridge chip that integrates Serial ATA support.

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