Matrox on the brink of a new Millennium?

According to this article over at Xbit Labs, Matrox is poised to announce a couple of new graphics cards under the Millennium name. Apparently, the Millenniums will be based on a tweaked version of the much-maligned Parhelia graphics chip, though the cards won't be targeted at gamers:
Matrox Graphics will offer Matrox Millennium P650 graphics cards with 64MB of memory and DualHead support for 169 Euro, while Millenium P750 with TripleHead support will cost 235 Euro. Both graphics cards will feature 128-bit memory bus and will be typically slower than the original Parhelia 512 in 3D applications.
For business applications, these new Millenniums could be quite good, but would they be too little too late for Matrox? NVIDIA and ATI have improved their signal quality and multimonitor software, eliminating many of Matrox's traditional advantages. Apart from Triplehead, does Matrox have anything left to offer anymore?
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