Diss's latest article should go up later tonight, and you guys can see the "bonus period" benchmarks supplied by me. They show what happens when you have an 800MHz FSB and a single channel of DDR memory in a Pentium 4 chipset. Interesting stuff indeed. Sphinx loves the fast bus, even without a second memory channel.

Also, the AMD Opteron launch is coming up next week, and already interesting things are happening. Our new sponsor, the excellent maker of low-profile servers APPRO, is already pushing its line of Opteron servers. I wouldn't mind having one of these babies sitting in the closet. The mind boggles. More realistically, I'm hoping we can wrangle one of these for review soon. I'd love to match up a dually Xeon E7505 board (or its Canterwood-like replacement) against one of those. Maybe we can make it happen.

Finally, it's almost Thursday, so it's about time to start thinking up Friday Night Topics. If you have an FNT suggestion, please mail it to me (don't spoil it by posting in the comments).

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