AMD posts another loss

AMD has released its first quarter financial results for 2003, and they don't look good.
SUNNYVALE, CA -- April 16, 2003 --AMD (NYSE:AMD) today reported sales of $715 million and a net loss of $146 million for the quarter ended March 30, 2003. The net loss amounted to $0.42 per share.
AMD believes that its share of the PC processor market is rising, but if consumers are only buying the cheapest, low-margin Athlons, it's doubtful that market share alone can pull AMD out of the red.

With the Athlon64 just months away, I have to wonder if AMD's fanboys might be holding off on processor purchases until September. AMD has made it clear that Hammer is the future, so why would consumers want to invest heavily in a platform that's on the way out?

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