Madonna takes a swing at P2P pirates

I know you're all just dying to get your hands on Madonna's single, aren't you? Well, those who can't be bothered to buy the new single or wait for the full album to come out may be in for a surprise if they try to download the track from a P2P network. Apparently, Madonna is seeding various networks with a bogus version of the new single that asks "What the f--- do you think you're doing?"

Exercising my rights! Music wants to be free! I'm not stealing anything! Uh, never mind

Of course, I'm sure there are legitimate versions of Madonna's new single floating around, but I'd actually rather hear the potty-mouthed Material Girl lipping off. In the end, the lippy track may not end up discouraging many pirates, but at least Madonna is entertaining when she takes a stand.

Given her various film roles, Madonna may want to consider taking on movie pirates, too. However, instead of taking the time to record 90 minutes of her flipping the middle finger to the camera and seeding P2P networks with that, she could just release the full version of "Swept Away" to the unsuspecting masses. That would be punishment enough.

Thanks to Ars Technica for the tip.

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